Eye Tests At Loftus Optical

Meet The Opticians

Here I am on the left. I'm John Prouse. I have been an Optician now for 15 years and performed over 30,000 eye tests.

I'm 36 and a half years old and my motto is to enjoy yourself...life is too short to be miserable!

Next to me is Victoria (my sister) who works here as the second Optician. So you have a choice. If you ask for her, I won't be offended. Well, maybe a little ;-)


Eye Tests

During your eye test with ourselves we will check to make sure that your eyes are healthy and we will give you a unique experience!

On all my eye tests both private and NHS you will get nothing but the best. I include free digital retinal photograph screening at no extra charge. 


Looking After You

We work on a one to one basis with you to make your visit very enjoyable. No rushing of the tests and I encourage you to ask any questions you want.

If you like chocolate, cups of tea, biscuits and different flavoured coffees, you will like it here!

 An eye test should not be a chore, come and put your feet up and enjoy the service! 



“I would not go anywhere else now, I have always found the staff very helpful and cheerful, I also never left not knowing what was what. The optician ALWAYS takes the time to explain everything as we went along and was always happy to answer any questions I have. I am also extremely happy with the way my grandson was handled on his very first eye examination, it was a big deal for him as he is autistic but he was very happy with his new ‘Star Wars’ glasses.”  Kristina Davies, Loftus

   ‘Very welcoming and very thorough. Everything, all the different test were explained and care taken. You were not hurried. The eye examination was explained carefully and again you were not rushed. Choice of glasses was given careful consideration & opinions expressed which help me decide. Also it was nice to be offered a coffee & a biscuit. A refreshing change.’ Mrs Kathleen Horsley, Whitby